When can I take IS295 B?

You can take IS29B once you have passed the comprehensive examination. Taking IS29B without passing the comprehensive examination will automatically drop you from the course. Here’s how you can apply for your comprehensive examination.

How do I file for a University Clearance?

Graduating students and students who are transferring to another school (Honorable Dismissal) must file for a University Clearance. To do this, you must accomplish the following: Fill out the University Clearance Form. Submit the form to your Learning Center. The Faculty Secretary will email you for clarification of your purpose and signs the clearance. FICS […]

What are the enrollment procedures?

Enrollment can be done through online registration. To enroll online, you must do the following: Access the Student PortalĀ and click on the “Request for Password” link on the homepage of the Student Portal and enter your student number. Use the generated password sent to your email to log in to your Student Portal account. Once […]

Academic and administrative processes

From UPOU-MyPortal Student Orientation Getting to Know Office of the University Registrar The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) is responsible for a variety of services for its constituents. These include student admission and registration; grade reporting, transcript of records generation; and the maintenance of academic records. The OUR also provides certification of student enrollment […]

How do I shift to another degree program?

1. Fill out the application for shifting of program form. 2. Attach the following documents to the application form: a. True Copy of Grades; and b. Photocopy of Transcript of Records for all degrees earned. These documents can be requested from the UPOU Office of the University Registrar through the online request for document system, […]

What is the policy on Commencement Exercise?

Attendance in the general commencement exercises shall be optional. Graduating students who choose not to participate in the general commencement exercises must inform their respective Deans at least 10 days before the commencement exercises. Graduation students who absent themselves from the general commencement exercises shall obtain their diplomas or certificates and transcripts of records from […]

How do I remove or complete the Extended (EXT)/4.0 mark?

To remove or complete the EXT/4.0 mark, you must do the following: Accomplish the online application for completion through the Student Portal. Your Learning Center will inform you regarding the time and exam venue for the completion/removal exams. After submitting your completion/removal exams, the faculty will submit your grade. The FICS then forwards the completion […]

What is the UPOU grading system?

Both regular and non-degree students will receive numerical grades. The performance of students shall be rated at the end of each semester in accordance with the following grading system: 1.0 Excellent 1.5 Very Good 2.0 Good 2.5 Satisfactory 3.0 Passed 4.0 Conditional 5.0 Failed DRP Dropped EXT Extended Grades of 1.25, 1.75, 2.25, and 2.75 […]

What is Consent of Instructor (COI)/Waiver of Prerequisites?

Courses approved by the University Council as prerequisites to other courses may not be waived. However, in meritorious cases, a student who has previously enrolled and fully attended a course that is a prerequisite to another course may be allowed to enroll and attend the latter course for credit without having passed or earned credit […]