Graduating Students

Are you registering your last units to complete the prescribed 31 units of the program? If yes, congratulations! You are one step closer to graduation. But first, you need to apply for graduation to help FICS prioritize the evaluation of your academic records. “No Application, No Graduation” policy is strictly implemented. The student must also be currently enrolled when applying for graduation.

Are you excited to graduate? Below is an image of what you will be wearing on your graduation day.

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Procedures for filing of Application for Graduation:

1) Fill out the application for graduation form.

2) Submit the form at your Learning Center or email it directly to the Faculty Office at the start of each term/semester. Refer to the Academic Calendar for the deadline of filing.

3) The list of names is compiled by the Faculty Office and will be presented during the Faculty Council Meeting, ExeCom Meeting and lastly, during the University Council meeting.

4) The final list of graduates will come out after the deliberation during the University Council meeting and approval of the Board of Regents . Refer to the academic calendar for the schedule of the meetings.

5) Once approved by the BOR, the graduating student will receive a graduation pack that includes congratulatory letter, request for TOR and yniversity clearance form. The documents are both mailed and emailed by the OUR.

Graduation Requirements

  • You must earn a total of 31 academic units consisting of 18 units of core courses, 9 units of elective courses and 4 units of IS project.
  • A weighted average of 2.00 or better in the 31 units of courses required in the program qualifies the student from earning the MIS degree.
  • A student must also comply with other UPOU rules for graduation.

Students who are unable to meet the grade requirement may apply to be granted the Certificate of Completion of Studies in Information Systems.

For more information, please read the MIS Program Handbook.